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Reader poll – iPhone 6 Plus

By John Zimmerman We want to know what you think. Is the iPhone 6 Plus an attractive option for pilots? Or is the iPad still the way to go? Vote in our latest reader poll.

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NBAA Welcomes President’s Signature to Law Renewing Accelerated Aircraft Depreciation

NBAA last week commended President Obama for signing into law legislation that provides a one-year renewal of expiring tax provisions, including accelerated, or “bonus”depreciation for any aircraft purchased in 2014 and placed into service by the end of 2015. “NBAA welcomes this bipartisan bill to renew tax policies such as accelerated depreciation and commends members of both parties for working together to persevere jobs and strengthen American competitiveness,” said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen.

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ForeFlight Synthetic Vision is Coming

By ForeFlight

Luminous terrain

We are excited to unveil our visually stunning, high performance synthetic vision platform for ForeFlight Mobile. With features like luminous terrain, night sky, FAA styled runway numbers, and a brilliant obstacle awareness system, we believe you will find flying with ForeFlight Synthetic Vision a joy. Synthetic Vision will be available with ForeFlight Mobile version 6.6 as an add-on to your Standard or Pro subscription, in both the United States and Canada. The update will be available soon after the Christmas holiday for $25/year. Start the New Year with a significant upgrade to your flight bag! Until then, enjoy the ForeFlight Synthetic Vision highlights shown below or on our Synthetic Vision web page:

Airport markers at dusk

” data-medium-file=”https://foreflight.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/800×600-kgpi_50pct.png?w=300″ data-large-file=”https://foreflight.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/800×600-kgpi_50pct.png?w=584&h=438″>
Split-screen Synthetic Vision with plates on maps
Split screen view with hazard advisor
Airports and obstacles

Synthetic Vision Comes Alive with Stratus

The Stratus 2* has a built-in AHRS that drives real time pitch and roll indications on the attitude indicator within the SSV-iPad-with-Stratusynthetic Vision view. The award-winning Stratus also delivers subscription-free weather, ADS-B traffic, and GPS position and attitude information—all from a wireless receiver that fits in your pocket. Because Stratus is made for ForeFlight, it delivers seamless app integration and simply works the right way.

It’s Not Too Late! Give yourself a last minute gift and be ready for Synthetic Vision. Order Stratus 2 by 5pm Central Time on December 23 for delivery on Christmas Eve. Order by Friday, December 19 to avoid expedited shipping costs.


Stratus is Made in the USA.

*Stratus is not required to run Synthetic Vision.

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NextGen is Now at JFK

December 18-Passengers traveling through John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport will get a glimpse of how the FAA is bringing them NextGen technology today. In cooperation with JetBlue Airlines and JFK Airport, the FAA installed a NextGen video kiosk in the main lobby of Terminal 5 that lets flyers see just how NextGen is enhancing their flight experience.

NextGen technology makes the system more predictable so air traffic controllers can guarantee that flights spend less time metering and can depart on time. NextGen technology is cutting taxi time by 7,000 hours per year at JFK.

The FAA videos show how the agency is meeting the demands of air traffic in the future. They also demonstrate how JetBlue uses new satellite-based NextGen arrival procedures compared to traditional radar-based arrivals.

Another video shows from gate to gate how NextGen satellite-enabled technology makes flying safer, faster for passengers and cleaner for the environment.

Air traffic controllers are using GPS technology to safely separate more aircraft that are sharing the same airspace. NextGen weather tools will help determine the safest and most efficient routes to avoid delays or cancelled flights. NextGen technology is also enabling the pilot to fly a continuous descent approach into the airport. This helps the airline reduce fuel, noise and carbon emissions.

JFK is the second airport in the country to receive a NextGen video kisok. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport was the first; and NextGen kiosks will be installed in Boston and Atlanta in the very near future.

To learn more about NextGen, visit the FAA website at http://www.faa.gov/nextgen/.

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X-Plane flight simulator comes to iPad

By John Zimmerman Like most of the software world, flight simulators have been moving towards the iPad, although perhaps a little slower than other segments. With the recent release of X-Plane 10 for the iPad and…

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NBAA Welcomes 250th Certified Aviation Manager

In December 2014, NBAA welcomed Michael Elledge as the 250th Certified Aviation Manager (CAM). This marks the first time since the CAM program’s inception in 2003 that NBAA has listed 250 CAMs on its roster.

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Aviation Veteran William Ayer Named to NBAA Board of Directors

NBAA announced that William S. â??Billâ?? Ayer, a long-time general aviation pilot and aviation industry leader, has been named to the NBAA Board of Directors.

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2014 Cabin Electronics

The stars are aligning for continued growth in providing passengers all the communication, information and entertainment they’ve grown used to on terra firma

Since B&CA began covering Cabin Electronics some 25 years ago, we haven’t seen more promise and possibility in what can be done to keep passengers informed, connected, productive and entertained in flight than now. And there has never been greater demand for more bandwidth for cabin and crew connectivity.

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NBAA Commends Senate Vote Renewing Accelerated Depreciation

NBAA applauded a vote by the Senate to approve a bill that renews accelerated, or â??bonusâ?? depreciation, among other expiring tax provisions, for one year, and urged President Obama to sign it into law.

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Startup Surf Air Wants To Expand To Texas, Florida

California’s Surf Air is seeking to extend its scheduled business-jet service model to other large states—but are those markets ready for what company founders have called the “Netflix of aviation?”

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