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How NextGen is Getting Fans to the Super Bowl

January 29Football fans flying to Phoenix for the Super Bowl on Feb. 1 might not realize it, but their aircraft will be taking more direct routes, saving time and fuel, and reducing carbon emissions, thanks to NextGen technologies and procedures that are delivering benefits throughout the country.

12th Man fans of the Seattle Seahawks, noted for making CenturyLink Field one of the loudest in the NFL, will find that flying out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is a considerably quieter experience due to the Greener Skies Over Seattle initiative, a collaborative project between the FAA, the airlines, the Port of Seattle and Boeing. The legion clad in college navy, wolf grey and most distinctively action green will ascend in aircraft using a smooth, satellite-based Area Navigation (RNAV) departure route before settling at high altitude into whats called a Q Route, a heavily traveled highway in the sky. Using NextGen technologies, the FAA has safely expanded that highway from one lane to as many as four.

The Greener Skies initiative is expected to cut fuel consumption for airlines serving Seattle by 2.1 million gallons annually and reduce carbon emissions by 22,000 metric tons the equivalent of taking 4,100 cars off the road every year.

Raucous New England Patriot fans escaping this weeks severe winter storm clad in nautical blue, red, new-century silver and white will have similarly quieter, smoother ascents out of Boston Logan International Airport, thanks to one of the many RNAV routes in place over the Boston metropolitan region. At cruising altitude, their dreams of victory will take place on one of the Q Routes out of the Northeast.

On approach to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, fans of both teams will be taking an Optimized Profile Descent (OPD). Just one of these descents called Eagle a large raptor coincidentally similar to a Seahawk saves 70 gallons per flight and a total of 945 minutes for all flights that use that particular approach during the course of a day. OPDs enable aircraft to descend from cruising altitude to the runway in a smooth, continuous glide, with engines set at idle, rather than the traditional staircase approach, which burns fuel and requires a verbal exchange between pilots and controllers at each step. Eagle and the other RNAV procedures automatically separate traffic serving the Phoenix area airports, enhancing safety and improving efficiency over the entire metropolitan region.

When the game is over, fans will ascend more quickly and directly into the overhead flow due to RNAV departure routes, before taking Q Routes home and landing at Seattle or Boston via an OPD. For the happier fans, the flight will seem short and sweet. For the others, it will be shorter and sweeter than it wouldve been without NextGen.

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Unmanned Aircraft and NFL Football Don’t Mix

January 28Many familiar sounds are associated with the Super Bowl: Cheering fans. Referee whistles. The spectacular halftime show. Booming fireworks.

But one sound you shouldnt hear is the whirring of an unmanned aircraft overhead. The Super Bowl is strictly a No Drone Zone.

The FAA bars unauthorized aircraft including drones from flying over or near NFL regular- and post-season football games. The same restriction applies to NCAA college games in stadiums seating 30,000 or more fans, Major League Baseball games and many NASCAR events.

The FAA Notice to Airmen makes it crystal clear that anyone violating the rules may be intercepted, detained and interviewed by law enforcement or security personnel. Besides possibly landing a violator in jail, flying an unmanned aircraft over a crowded stadium could result in an FAA civil penalty for careless and reckless operation of an aircraft.

Bottom line: If you want to see video of the Big Game, watch it on TV. Leave your drone at home.

FAA Fact SheetFAA VideoKnowBeforeYouFly website

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ForeFlight becomes a data creator

By John Zimmerman In the early days of aviation apps (you know, way back in 2012), developers pushed to add features. Nobody at ForeFlight or Garmin is taking a vacation, but over the last 12 months most of the major…

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NBAA Exhibitor Update, #15-01

Exhibit at Asiaâ??s Biggest Business Aviation Event of the Year: ABACE2015
Reserve Your Company’s EBACE2015 Exhibit Space Today
Advertise in 2015 ABACE, EBACE Show Guides

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Bombardier Learjet 85

The window of opportunity slams shut

In mid-January, Bombardier announced a “pause” for an “indeterminate period” in the Learjet 85 program, interpreted by some market analysts as permanently shelving the project. In light of Montreal’s taking a pre-tax special $1.4 billion write down that represents nearly 90 percent of development costs, as well as announcing a cut of 1,000 jobs at company facilities in Wichita, Kan., and Queretaro, Mexico, it appears the most ambitious Lear model ever is lapsing into a deep coma.

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Bombardier Learjet 85: Window of Opportunity Slams Shut

It appears the most ambitious Lear model ever is lapsing into a deep coma.

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Hand-Picked Stories from the Jan. 26 Issue of The Weekly of Business Aviation

General Aviation Rushes for Super Bowl XLIX; Textron to Buy Wichita Site of UTC Aerospace Systems

Eight Phoenix-area airports are expected to feel the impact of Super Bowl XLIX. Textron Aviation has agreed to buy the assets of the UTC Aerospace Systems facility in Wichita.

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Does the iPad have a “real GPS” in it?

By John Zimmerman Four years after the first iPad shipped, lots of people are still confused about whether the game-changing tablet actually has a GPS in it. And if it does have a GPS, is it a “real” one? Let’s bust…

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NBAA Update, #15-04

NBAA Concerns Reflected In FAA’s New Sleep Apnea Policy
NBAA Welcomes New Senate, House GA Caucus Leaders
NBAA, AOPA Support FAA in Effort to Deny Appeal to Curtail Operations at Santa Monica Airport

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NBAA Concerns Reflected In FAA’s New Sleep Apnea Policy

NBAA said that new guidance from the FAA on its once-controversial plan for testing pilots for obstructive sleep apnea now reflects a practical approach from the Association and other GA groups for addressing the condition.

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